Creating Significant Learning Experiences

This book introduces a new way to organize learning taxonomies.  One that goes beyond Bloom's.

Chapter 1 - Creating Significant Learning Experiences

We won’t meet the needs for more and better higher education until professors become designers of learning experiences…” - Larry Spence (2001)

page 20-22 - New ways of learning

  • Role-Playing, Simulation, Debate and Case Studies
  • Writing to Learn
  • Small Group Learning
  • Assessment as Learning
  • Problem-Based Learning
  • Service Learning
  • Online Learning

Chapter 2 - Taxonomy of Significant Learning

pag 27 - "If Iearning is regarded not as the acquisition of information, but as a search for meaning and coherence In one's uk and, it an emphasis is placed on what is earned and its personal significance to the learner, rather rhan how much is learned, researchers would gain valuable new insights into both the mechanisms of learning and the relutive advantages of teacher-controlled and learner-controlled modes of learning." - Philip Candy (1991)

pag 27 - Difference between content-centered and learning-centered approach of teaching

pag 29 - Introduction to Bloom's Taxonomy.

pag 29 - Bloom's not enough -

" kinds of learning, kinds that go well beyond the cognitive domain of Bloom's taxonomy and even beyond cognitive learning itself."

Chapter 3 - Designing Significant Learning Experiences I: Getting Started

Chapter 4 - Designing Significant Learning Experiences II: Shaping the Learning Experience

Chapter 5 - Changing the Way We Teach

Chapter 6 - Better Organizational Support for Faculty

Chapter 7 - The Human Significance of Good Teaching and Learning