Designing and Assessing Courses and Curricula

Preface - The Present State of Higher Education: Some Perspectives

Purpose of the book

It offers a practical approach to systemic change and perhaps even more important...
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Part 1 - A Frame of Reference

Chapter 1-  A Learning-Centered Approach to Course and Curriculum Design

Chapter 2 - The Expanding Role of Faculty in Accreditation and Accountability

Chapter 3 - Staying Informed

Contains a list of information resources for those interested in staying informed.

Chapter 4 - Scholarship and Faculty Rewards

Chapter 5 - An Introduction to the Model and Its Benefits

Applying System Theory to Instructional Design

System Theory is basically a detailed processed designed to solve complex problems.
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Chapter 6 - Diagramming

Author introduces a diagram nomenclature very similar to BPMN.

Part 2 - The Process

Chapter 7 -Making the Decision to Go Ahead