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Coalition of America

CAI – BizTalk Architect    Atlanta, GA    11/08 – 1/09
Designed and deployed a BizTalk HIPAA intake process for Coalition of America a healthcare “cost container” which offer services such as real-time fraud detection, carrier PPO access, out-of-network/non-participating provider cost control services, fraud, waste and abuse services.
•    Mapping of multiple customer custom file formats to a canonical claim representation.
•    Training of a Team of three without previous experience with BizTalk.
Technical Platform:
•    Microsoft BizTalk 2006 R2, BizTalk EDI Subsystem
•    BizAgi
•    HIPAA (837)

NM HSD – Senior Architect    Santa Fe, NM    01/06 – 11/07
Lead an agile team of five senior consultants responsible for the upgrade of the electronic claim intake system (Transaction Interchange Exchange) for the New Mexico Department of Health and Human Services Department from BizTalk 2002 to BizTalk 2006 R2, in accordance with the National Provider Identification (NPI) and MITA (Medicaid IT Architecture)
•    Designed and deployed a highly adaptable and scalable process-oriented platform based on Microsoft servers and other best-of-breed COTS (Commercial-off-the-shelf) products to host the new electronic claim processing hub; TIE (Transaction Interchange Exchange), in accordance with the MITA standard, and the New Mexico Social Service Architecture, able to support a minimum load of 100K transactions per week.
•    Designed a new Trading Partner Management based on an object-oriented database (SQL 2005 XML) to comply with unique specifications of the New Mexico Medicaid program.
•    Designed a “Process Portal” (web interface) in accordance with the “No wrong door” human services paradigm.
Technical Platform:
•    BizTalk 2006 R2 (Business Rules, BAM – Business Activity Monitoring, correlation)., SQL 2005, MOSS 2007, InfoPath, SCOM 07, .NET #C, NUNit
•    Informatica B2B DataExchange for Healthcare Solution
•    Tumbleweed Secure Transport
•    IBM Z-OS
•    BPM , ITIL v2.0, ISO, PMI
•    HIPAA (NPI, 837-835)
•    MITA – Medicaid IT Architecture
BizTalk/BPM Architect    Port Prince, LA    12/05 – 12/05
Performed a BizTalk-BPM B2B assessment for Unibill, a provider of universal billing services, offering billing and customer care operations for all communications service providers with customers with operations in 50 states and Canada.
•    Demonstrated to the “C” Level managers BizTalk features within BPM best practices.
•    Demoed the flexibility business rules advantages in dealing with highly regulated business procedures.
Avista – BizTalk/BPM Architect    Spokane, WA    10/05 – 11/05
Demoed and coached a team of senior developers on how to develop highly adaptable and scalable solutions using Microsoft BizTalk at Avista Corporation, an energy company involved in the production, transmission, and distribution of energy as well as other energy-related businesses.
•    Training on how to implement BPM solutions with the BizTalk enforcing unified compliance including Sarbanes Oxley.
•    Deployment of a SharePoint 2005 Team site to act as the BizTalk development hub.
Technical Platform:
•    BizTalk 2004, SharePoint 2005, InfoPath
•    Unified Compliance, Sarbanes Oxley
GHA – BizTalk Architect    Houston, TX    07/05 – 10/05
Lead a team of six developers responsible to develop a HIPAA 837/834 electronic hub using Microsoft BizTalk, for Global Healthcare Alliance, a service provider responsible for billing and collections for more than 20 years in the Healthcare industry.
•    Configuration of the BizTalk HIPAA Accelerator 3.0.
•    Developed a BizTalk custom pipeline to process PGP encrypted claims.
•    Development of a simplified Human Workflow Platform using SMTP and InfoPath.
Tomra – BizTalk Architect    Stratford, CT    09/05 – 09/05
Performed a BizTalk-BPM B2B assessment for TOMRA North America, the world leader in recycling.
•    Coached a team of five people on BizTalk’s best practices in terms of: installation & configuration, development, deployment and operations.
•    Developed a demo for procurement management, based on state machine pattern using BizTalk Business Rules
Technical Platform:
•    BizTalk 2004 (Business Rules)
Bosch – BizTalk Architect    South Bend, IN    02/05 – 03/05
Trained a Team of three on how to support a BizTalk B2B solution for Bosch North America a responsible for the distribution and manufacturing of auto parts.
•    Created of BizTalk’s Operations Plan.
•    Installed and configured a new fail-over-safe production, testing environments.
•    Development of a VBScript tool to deploy and un-deploy all BizTalk solution artifacts.
Technical Platform:
•    BizTalk 2004, VBscript
•    BPM , ITIL v2.0
Pasha – BizTalk Architect    Corte Madera, CA    01/05 – 05/05
Developed a B2B solution using Microsoft BizTalk for “The Pasha Group,” a transportation and logistics company.
•    Installed and configured all BizTalk environments.
•    Defined all XSD types for all EDI messages to decrease errors and increase reuse.
•    Developed maps, schemas, functoids, orchestrations, and .NET modules.
•    Defined the BizTalk Operations Plan as all Release Management Procedures.
Technical Platform:
•    BizTalk 2004, .NET, XSLT
•    BPM, ITIL v2.0
Odimo – BizTalk Architect    Fort Lauderdale, FL    08/04 – 12/04
BizTalk architect in a team of six responsible to develop a B2B interface between Odimo (ticker: ODMO) and Amazon.
•    Designed a SharePoint 2003 Team Site to control all project activities.
•    Installed and configured the Development, Testing and Production (100% failover-safe) environments.
•    Defined the interface with MOM 2005 and defined additional reports using MS-Reporting Services.
•    Develop several C#/WMI modules to automate deployment and operations.
•    Created a 100+ page Environment Operations Manual.
Technical Platform:
•    BizTalk 2004, MOM 2005, SharePoint Server 2003, .NET, VBscript, WMI
•    XSLT
•    BPM , ITIL v2.0
KMC Telecom – Microsoft Architect    Lawrenceville, GA     02/03 – 05/04
Responsible to develop a B2B solution using Microsoft BizTalk between KMC Telecom and Bellsouth.
•    Designed and deployed SharePoint 2003 site team collaboration.
•    Deployed MOM 2004 for monitoring the environment.
•    Installed and configured the BI environment using SQL Analysis Service, Office Scorecards, and Reporting Services.
•    Developed a new Remedy 4.5 COM API using VB.
Technical Platform:
•    BizTalk 2004, SQL 2000, SharePoint Server 2003
•    Remedy
•    BPM , ITIL v2.0
BizTalk Developer    Boca Raton, FL    09/02 – 02/03
Developed a B2B interface between PartnerCommunity and AT&T XML gateway using BizTalk 2002.
Billing/ERP SME    Miami, FL    6/02 - 09/02
Developed a detail plan on how Terremark Worldwide Inc. (AMEX:TWW) team should implement EAI to connect the back office, including the billing and customer care system (Daleen) and the ERP (Great Plains).
Technical Platform:
•    Microsoft Great Plains
•    Daleen Billing Engine