As a pioneering thought leader in Empowerment Tech, I have dedicated my career to advancing the intersection of technology and personal empowerment, championing the rights of individuals to control, manage, and benefit from their personal data. My journey in this field is marked by a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of technology as a tool for enhancing digital autonomy and privacy. With a solid foundation in digital twins, decentralized ledger technology, data science, cybersecurity, and digital ethics, I have developed innovative solutions that empower users to navigate the digital world confidently and securely. 

My work focuses on creating a holistic framework for consumer control that enables individuals to exercise their digital rights fully and freely. Through my extensive research, I'm contributing to shaping the discourse around digital sovereignty and user-centric data practices. My publications enable and demonstrate the importance of Empowerment Tech in today's digital ecosystem, offering practical insights into leveraging technology to foster a more equitable and user-empowered digital landscape. 

My commitment to this cause reflects my vision for a future where technology catalyzes personal empowerment, enabling individuals to harness their data's full potential while safeguarding their digital rights.

Consumer Empowerment

Building upon the foundations of Locke and Westin, I leverage emerging technology to grant consumers 'de facto' control of their data, thereby avoiding the trappings of traditional data property rights. I contend that relying solely on 'de lege' control of data, as advocated by regulations like GDPR, or even the opposite extreme represented by initiatives like GAIA-X, is insufficient to enable consumers to thrive in the 21st-century data economy. My life mission is to bring to market an architecture that realizes this vision, empowering individuals to assert control over their personal information in practice.

Contact: me at filipe dash pinto dot com

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